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If you’re a content creator, promoting your work to the many social networks available is a useful, but constant & repetitive task. Social Launch gives you an easy way to keep track of which social media sites you’ve shared links to your most recent blog post, app, DIY project, tutorial, YouTube video, Podcast & much more!

Simply toggle the status checkbox for each option to keep track of what social networks you’ve shared links to your most recent creation to. Red means you haven’t posted yet & blue means it’s taken care of… everything is cool! (see example above)

Press ‘Save’ if you need to come back to the list later or if you’re waiting for the optimal time to post to a certain social network (that’s right, we included some tips, too!)

Simply press ‘Load’ if you’ve left the site or closed the tab. ‘Reset’ lets you start over again with your next campaign.

When is the best time to post to Pinterest for maximum exposure?

Saturday morning is a peak time for Pinterest traffic so posting Friday night is a good idea if you want to catch some of your audience during its peak.

While Pinterest is a bit more involved to post to, the traffic it can drive to your its can be significant.

When is the best time to post to Facebook for maximum exposure?

Posting Monday-Friday around 3 PM (EST) gives your content maximum exposure. By that time the west coast has started their day & will lunching. The east coast will be wrapping their day soon, so you content will be fresh in their feed when check their Facebook in the evening.

When is the best time to post to Instagram for maximum exposure?

Posting at around 5 PM Eastern time give your pictures maximum exposure on Instagram.

If you have a blog, making a special graphic that ties into your post them and linking to your content is nice way to tie a marketing concept together.
Social Launch: When is the best time to post to Twitter?

Post a link to Twitter

When is the best time to post to Twitter for maximum exposure?

Twitter is most active Monday -Thursday from 1 PM to 3 PM. Weekends are hit or miss, but it doesn’t hurt to retweet one of your weekly posts on a Saturday or Sunday. This strategy maybe catches some of the people who missed you content during the week.
Social Launch: What is the best time to post to LinkedIn?

Post a link to LinkedIn

When is the best time to post to LinkedIn for maximum exposure?

Posting during business hours Tuesday-Thursday is the best time to have your content seen on LinkedIn.

It’s a good idea to set up a business page for your website or blog to help with SEO & branding. No matter your content, quite likely there are industries on LinkedIn that might benefit from your insights so don’t underestimate the platform.
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Post a video to YouTube

Can I really use YouTube for my blog?

Most definitely! No matter what content you create there are ways to use YouTube to promote it. Whetted s simple converting a few key topics from post into a short slide show or answering reader comments via a short video, there are endless ways to creatively take advantage of one of the most trafficked sites on the internet.
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Post a link to Tumblr

When is the best time to post to Tumblr for maximum exposure?

Tumblr users stay up late! Posting Friday or Saturday night tends to bring the most shares & clicks.

Even if you have a blog independent of Tumblr utilizing the platform to drive traffic to it can be done creatively. Creating custom content like gifs, graphics, or pull quotes from your long from content are just a few ideas.
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Post a link to Google+

When is the best time to post to Google+ for maximum exposure?

Google+ Traffic peaks in the morning. Posting around 9 AM (EST) provides your content the chance for the biggest audience.
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Post a graphic to SlideShare

Using Slideshare to promote content >

Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn & is a great source of traffic. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to create quality backlinks to your content. The service has two main ways to post: Infographics & Sideshows. Making a simple grapic/infographic that links back to your blog post is a very idea. That same graphic can slo then be pinned to your Pinterest board or Instagram in many cases.

Vice-versa, making a short slideshow that features images, images, graphics, & some pull quotes from your post will give you a presentation you upload. That same presentation can be converted to an mp4 video for use on: YouTube, Twitter, & Facebook!
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Post link to StumbleUpon


StumbleUpon is a service that features random links to stories people find interesting. You can submit your own links to the service, but be careful not to just spam the site with link to your own content. I generally uses the 10 to 1 rule when posting personal links to StumbleUpon. For evert one thing I post I try to stumble 9 things aren’t my own content.
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Post story to Snapchat

Snapchat is an emerging opportunity to promote you content

Much like Pinterest, Snapchat requires some creativity to really succeed on the platform if marketing your content. That said, many companies, blogs, & websites are having great success trying creative things like: exclusive content, giveaways, & more to connect with their fans.

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It does not collect data & is free from third party advertisements.
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